Anand Kumar
About Me

India's leading inspirational speaker

Hello, my name is Anand Kumar. I would like to share some information about myself—my identity, the path I have taken in my life, and the valuable lessons I have learned about myself and the world along the way. Despite taking an unconventional route to becoming a Motivational Speaker, it is precisely this journey that is going to make a significant impact on my life.

I have more than 30 years of professional and working experience with Indian and MNCs, Started from zero to the level and also enjoyed the level of Director and CEO for many years, a man who has tasted the fruits of Success through hard work, dedication and by loving the job sincerely.

I hold the belief that true success is attained by exploring our inner selves and comprehending our personal motivations. In my view, success entails discovering our purpose and intentionally shaping a life that aligns with it.
I have engaged in meaningful conversations with business leaders and their teams, encouraging them to adopt a growth-oriented strategy that propels them forward. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to address young individuals, ranging from young adults to business school students, urging them to listen to their inner voice and embrace an authentic and inspired life.

I maintain an open mind set, eagerly embracing new knowledge and cherishing every opportunity that comes my way to impart the lessons I have acquired thus far. These lessons include the realization that our choices possess greater influence than our circumstances, that our past does not have to dictate our future, and that our experiences should never hinder our ability to imagine and dream.

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